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The Montana Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center

Updated: August 12, 2020

Cartoon image of a small child helping a bear with a broken leg.
Helping hand.

The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Animal Shelter in Helena has served as a hospital and refuge for orphaned and injured animals for over 25 years, but the old facility is no longer adequate. It lacks heat, proper sanitation and a separate area for sick animals. Improvements are desperately needed to give Montana's orphaned and injured animals the care they need and to ensure their successful release back into the wild.

Cartoon illustration of a small child pushing a wheelchair with a bear in it.
Helping out!

In partnership with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and the USDA Forest Service, the Foundation for Animals is raising funds for a new facility located near Spring Meadow Lake State Park just west of Helena, Montana. The Montana Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center will provide care for animals in a setting that prepares them for a proper and gentle release back to the wild. Kids will benefit too--they'll be able to see and learn about Montana wildlife in a setting that is not harmful to the animals.

The Montana Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center

The Montana Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center will replace the deteriorating wild animal shelter. The Mikal Kellner Foundation for Animals working with their partners have developed a master plan for the project. A model wildlife rehabilitation and release facility for Montana's orphaned and injured wildlife has been designed. Wildlife and Rehabilitation Center

Wildlife and Rehabilitation Center

A Temporary Home -- Not a Zoo

The center's main purpose is to insure that orphaned and injured wild animals receive humane care and the best opportunity for them to get well and be release back to the wild. The shelter is a temporary home for them until they are released. In addition Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks thinks it is important to provide an opportunity for children to see and learn about Montana's wildlife.

In addition to the day-to-day care of wild animals, the center's objectives are to:

  • Stress the importance of wildlife management and habitat protection to the long-term well being of Montana's wild animals.
  • Emphasize that young animals should not be disturbed or removed from their natural environments.
  • Provide experience for volunteers of all ages who are interested in assisting with wild animal care and releases.
  • Encourage understanding and support for wildlife conservation in Montana.
Foundation For Animals
Foundation For Animals

You can make a difference. Join the The Foundation For Animals. For more information visit The Foundation For Animals website.

Updated: August 12, 2020

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