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Food Safety

Updated: September 3, 2020

You definitely should read this before you begin cooking or baking!

Cooking Over a Campfire
Cooking Over a Campfire

There are many dangerous things in the kitchen, so you have to look out for yourself when you are cooking. The first thing you should do before you start cooking is ask an adult to help you. Not only can they help you open jars that are stronger than you and reach the top shelf, they can also help you with the appliances that can sometimes be dangerous or confusing. Here is a list of some of the basic rules you should follow to keep yourself safe.

  1. Make sure things that are flammable like paper towels, dish towels and pot holders are kept away from the stovetop, so they won't catch on fire.
  2. Always turn pot handles toward the back of the stove. This way no one can accidentally bump into them spilling the hot contents on themselves.
  3. Never add water to a dish that has hot oil in it. This could cause the hot oil to splatter and someone may get burned.
  4. Don't put cooked food on the same surface as raw food. You should use a new plate or wash the counter after you've removed the raw food to make sure any bacteria or organisms do not contaminate the cooked food.
  5. Never put water on a cooking fire; it could make the fire spread by spreading the oil that is burning just like when you add water to a dish of hot oil. Ask an adult to help put out the fire by using baking soda.
  6. Watch out for sharp knives. If something needs to be cut or sliced, ask an adult to help you do it. Also, keep other people safe from sharp knives. Do not put them into a full sink because someone could reach in and cut themselves.
  7. If you burn yourself, tell an adult and hold the burned area under cool running water for 10-15 minutes. Consult a physician if the burn is serious.
  8. Keep electrical appliances away from water to avoid electrical shock. Do not plug an appliance in if you have wet hands and do not stick anything in the outlet besides the plug.
  9. Also, do not put anything into an appliance that doesn't belong there. I'm sure you already know not to stick forks in the toaster. Do you also know that you shouldn't put metal into a microwave? If you put plastic in the oven it will melt and, believe it or not, only food should go in the food processor. Even if you don't think it is dangerous, it will probably ruin the appliance.
  10. Make sure the oven and all appliances are turned off before you leave the kitchen.

Updated: September 3, 2020

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